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    NOV 19, 2015 | 6:00 PM

    Long Live Lies

    Maclay Academy of Social Justice



    A poor and undocumented Mexican family copes with the death of their mother from cancer. Siblings Lucus and Raven struggle to get along and accept each other's differences in the wake of their mothers death, while their father is keeping secrets. Raven attempts to cope by pushing her family farther away and joining a gang, Lucas must make a difficult decision and risk everything to save her life. In the end only love, acceptance, and the truth can save this family from falling apart.

    A Page Play is the culminating presentation of our 10-week Writing Program in which professional actors perform the student's original play with script's in hand, while the students take the stage to demonstrate how they collaboratively developed the play using improvisation and writing exercises.

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    Long Live Lies

    NOV 19, 2015

    6:00 PM



    Maclay Academy of Social Justice

    12540 Pierce Street

    Pacoima, CA 91331