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    Can we tell you a story about gummy people?

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    Fear, Family, and Finding Acceptance
    Written by
    The Unusual Suspects Fall 2016 playwriting students at Edison Middle School

    SCENE 4
    :12 PM | PLACE: School cafeteria

    AT RISE:  KRIS sits at the lunch table flipping through a book

    (reading) Chapter one: once upon a time there was a pink gummy bear named Kristen living in the land of rock candy people. Kristen didn’t know how she ended up with the rock candy people, she had always just been there. And for as long as she could remember she knew she was different.

    Lights change. We see KRISTEN the gummy bear, and the ROCK CANDY PEOPLE enter. We see the scene in the book play out in front of KRIS

    There were only 2 types of rock candy people in the rock candy kingdom: some were crunchy,

    I’m crunchy!

    others were crispy.

    I’m crispy!

    Unfortunately for Kristen she was neither crunchy or crispy, She was soft and pink and chewy. The rock candy people, were very hard and sharp with pointy angles that would hurt when Kristen touched them. Kristen was kind of squishy and made of jelly on the inside. She was the only gummy person in all the rock candy kingdom. She had never even seen another gummy person and was convinced she was the only one in the whole world with jelly on the inside.

    Hey what are you doing here jelly girl!

    Yeah you’re different! I don’t think you belong here.

    (reading) The rock candy people tried to fix Kristen. They thought she’d be happier if she was rock candy like them instead of gummy. So they bullied and teased her hoping she would eventually become hard like them.

    ROCK CANDY #1 pushes KRISTEN

    Hey! Why’d you push me?

    Because you deserve it!

    No I don’t. Why do you always bully me?

    You don’t belong here. You can’t be here unless you’re crispy or crunchy like us.

    Kristen was tired of being bullied and one day after she had had enough she decided to run away.

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